Mud Duck
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Platforms: Playstation® 2, Xbox®
ESRB Rating:
Genre: Action

Funky fallen demi-goddess Malice has to regain her skills and powers and save the universe, all while exacting her revenge on the head-eating Dog God. It won't be easy. The Dog God's Crow Armies are constantly trying to beat you back to see Death. Plus, you'll have to get past the Dog God's seven Lieutenants before you get to confront the terrible monster himself. Walk loudly and carry a big hammer, that's the
Malice way.

Fantastic Setting - Explore 29 levels filled with bizarre challenges, including the hellish Fire Fortress, toxic gunge-ridden Gloop River, and the impenetrable Glowurm Kingdom.

Powerful Weapons - Swipe and Quake with one of the weapons of ever-increasing power and use 8 powerful magics to enhance your combat and survival skills.

Fearsome Opponents - It's a dangerous world: poisonous mushrooms, bizarre mutant spiders, talking rats, and burrowing beetles all need a good whacking.

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Rated Teen for Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes, and Violence
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